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Free weekly guided meditation sessions

Join a profound guided meditation designed for the current time, helping you connect with the power within. With regular practice, this meditation strengthens you internally and supports your mental and emotional wellbeing.


This meditation is FREE AND OPEN TO ALL

There’s more to reality than what meets the eye! Explore the unexplored with Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan.
A guided meditation conceived by Maitreya Dadashreeji to help you connect with your inner power which aids in your transformational journey.
Benefits of this powerful guided meditation:
- Connect with the Power within
- Energize your being
- Experience peace
- Activate your third eye

Days: Every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

To join our zoom session:
Meeting ID: 957 3177 2855
Passcode: 255029

Why experience Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan?

Whether you are a beginner or a meditation pro, there are many different meditation options available today. So, what makes the Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan something you should experience?


It is specifically designed for the current time. It helps awaken and lets you easily connect you to your power centre within, so you can receive inner guidance and communicate with the universal consciousness.

Benefits of practising Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan:


~ Helps awaken and strengthen the bond with your

inner power centre

~ Promotes self-compassion and reduces negative emotions towards yourself

Energises your entire being and helps align with the

universal consciousness

~ Helps cleanse your body, mind and soul

Enhances and supports mental and emotional wellbeing

~ Increases awareness and strengthens intuition

~ Improves concentration, focus and foresight

~ Calms the mind and aids in better decision-making

~ Helps you move forward in your personal transformation journey

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We pray every Monday night, for Peace and Happiness

This will be followed by personal prayer ( everyone else present will also pray for your silent prayer)

Come and experience positive energies of a group prayer 🙏

This will be followed by our weekly mediation
The meditation will:

- Connect you to the Power within

- Align our mind, body and consciousness

- Help us make better decisions

- Activate the 3rd eye chakra

- Aprox 25-30 minutes long.

- This is a guided meditation

Please register below  to receive zoom link and other details

Upcoming Events

  • Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan
    Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan
    Fri, 22 Jul
    9.30 PM (GST) / Zoom / Free
    9.30 PM (GST) / Zoom / Free
    9.30 PM (GST) / Zoom / Free
    Monday After A Call for Prayer Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Meeting ID : 957 3177 2855 Passcode : 255029
  • Power of Prayers
    Power of Prayers
    Mon, 11 Jul
    Every Monday 09.00 - 9.30 PM (GST) - Zoom
    Every Monday 09.00 - 9.30 PM (GST) - Zoom
    Every Monday 09.00 - 9.30 PM (GST) - Zoom
    Connect with the power within
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