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Bodh I: Awakening to Self-Realisation 

Join this session to establish and experience a positive and fundamental shift in your behaviour and thought patterns. Helping you experience positivity, peace, and love, as you flow more easily in the current time.

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Bodh II: Purification

Join this seminar to experience deep inner cleansing of all levels of your consciousness and dissolution of deep-rooted blockages which are creating roadblocks in life and limiting your growth.

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Bodh III: Path Divine

Join this seminar to dive even deeper into your consciousness and state. The objective is to give you an increased understanding of your inner self, helping give you a new holistic perspective of life.

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Bodh IV: Heal the Soul

Having learned about the journey of the soul in Bodh III, the focus of Bodh IV is now on healing the innermost layers of our consciousness. These core layers are located around our soul and store our deep-rooted blockages and karmic imprints, from our current as well as our previous lives.

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Spiritual Weekend 

An advanced spiritual journey infused with wisdom focused on an individual's growth.


Each Bodh is distinctive with it's teachings, meditative processes and Maitri ShaktiPravaah (scientifically validated energy transfer) which helps enable Transformation.

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